Welcome to Barrowford
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Welcome to the Barrowford website which I hope you will find informative and interesting.

The website has been designed around three main interested groups:

firstly, people requiring information about Barrowford Parish Council, including contact details, detailed information associated with Council meetings and working group activities as well as other documents of interest to the general public concerning council activities;

secondly, residents of Barrowford and the surrounding area. This includes details of community activities and groups active within Barrowford, this includes contact details as well as descriptions of the group activities. There is also a wide range of useful information and contact details of public services available to residents;

thirdly, visitors (and residents) giving interesting details about Barrowford including details of local attractions, interesting events taking place, as well as, a useful directory of all the local shops and businesses operating throughout the village.

The Parish Council has funded the development of this website as a useful resource available to local residents and visitors.  I, on behalf of the Parish Council, would like to thank our Parish Clerk, Iain Lord, for the hard work of preparing and loading the large amount of information to create this site.

I hope you will enjoy your ‘virtual’ visit and that it encourages you to become more involved in the life of the village either as a resident, or as a visitor, regular or occasional.

Please feel free to download our new "Exploring Barrowford" booklet, or you can pick up a hard-copy version at many outlets in the village.

Over the coming weeks and months, as additional information becomes available, we will be loading new useful details to make the site even more valuable to everyone.

John Pope

Chair of Barrowford Parish Council
June 2010