Guide to who does what in local government.

Lancashire County Council

The County Council, where the bulk of your Council Tax goes, is responsible for many of the county wide services such as:

  • Highways including road maintenance, street lighting, signage, parking enforcements, adoption of unadopted roads, resident parking schemes and infrastructure projects such as bypasses.
  • Local Authority Schools including repairs and renewals
  • Health & Social Services
  • Trading Standards covering everything from explosive storage to counterfeit goods.

Pendle Borough Council

The Borough Council takes the next largest slice of the Council Tax and is responsible for:

  • Local Planning most local planning applications (a few exceptions are dealt with by county). Planning applicants can appeal to the Building Inspectorate if they feel the Borough has reached the wrong decision. See application lists and search for Barrowford applications here: weekly, monthly, search. (Also, see instructions for using Pendle's planning site.)
  • Environmental Health and Refuse Collection this includes inspection of catering establishments and food retailers, recycling and vermin control.
  • Council Tax Collection and Housing Benefits
  • Parks and Play Areas there are plans to devolve this service to parishes and towns.

Barrowford Parish Council

The Parish/Town Council provides the lowest tier of local government; currently providing:

  • Holmefield House community centre;
  • a luncheon club;
  • winter and summer plantings along Gisburn Road;
  • festive decorations throughout Barrowford including Higherford and Carr Hall;
  • 190 allotments;
  • Remembrance Day activities and the installation work for the Cruck Barn Carol Service;
  • public toilets.

The Parish Council also assists numerous other local groups with their activities which improve and enhance Barrowford